Saturday, January 3, 2015

We are planning our garden!

With Christmas being over we turned our attention to the seed catalogs and planning how and what we are going to plant this year. To me this time of the year is like Christmas we plan, and plan, and plan and then we start to see all the plans we make come to
life! I dug out a notebook handed it to Clay and  we both starting watching you tubes from all our favorite gardeners and a few new ones. Clay was glancing through the seed catalogs while I worked on adding affiliate  marketing to our blogging. I like this one click here  if you aren't getting paid on your blog. Basically with Affiliate marketing you get paid every time someone purchases from the links on your blog. I looked into this years ago but I was still working at Lazboy and really didn't have the time. So I said why not? Let's see how this goes. So far after hours of research we are down to three... Bok choy and Leeks and the fool you jalapeno which has no heat and we are definitely doing the bucket system.  

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