Friday, January 2, 2015

Chatting about my sweepstake hobby...#SWEEPSTAKES

I am always working hard to help my family do well. Working most of my life in sales/Pr/Recruiting type work it was only natural for me to find that the social jobs online just worked well for me. Of course, a lot of prayer goes into it too for direction etc. It all really started when I asked the Lord to help me make more money and from that the ball started rolling and started extreme couponing, then extreme sweepstaking, blogging and you tubing and on and on it goes. I already was very involved in PR on twitter and other online places but now I found my way to where Clay and I are heading in our lives together which is to help teach lifeskills to others. -- With that said.. Sweepstaking has changed my life I used to feel no one wins I win more at times on accident then from even trying :) Once you realize that many people win all the time and that you start "working it" meaning entering, and entering, and entering..and then enteering  some more you will find that you can bring in quite a few goodies to help your family. The thing I love most about sweepstakes is how much fun it is. It is like one big game. If you can enjoy it like a hobby and not get crazy competitive you will love sweepstaking! It's fun to win... but I think the secret to sweepstaking too is to play it a little like a game or like going fishing.. it's fun to win but the relationships you make in this hobby are worth much more than all the prizes... but YES, you will win I believe if you play. I do pray to win.. my competitive edge. I pray for favor, creativity, etc.  Pretty much the more time you put in the more you win. There are a lot of strategies but most "sweepers" are happy to help you and will even share sweepstakes. Many people have prizes they don't want.. like me I don't want to go on trips so I am happy to share all these I like to win food, techie stuff, furniture, etc.. so many times like couponing.. people are happy to help you out and pass things along.. plus many have referral links that they need to spread around so sharing is very very smart in this hobby.  As a backyard farmer's wife this hobby has paid off big time. I have won.. friskars tools to use in the garden, 1000 shopping spree for groceries which meant I had more money for the farm that I would have put towards groceries (toilet paper and the like) . Also the other prizes were fun.. NFL stuff, paintings, food, and on and on it goes.. I usually win 5-20x a month. Farming girls have to be smart as we have more work, more needs , feed more mouths and sometimes we need the pretty bottle of perfume or new lipstick after a day of cleaning cages, eggs and heavy duty cooking as my husband expects big dinners for every meal.. after all we do live on a farm and it's hard not to cook a lot when you have so much fresh food just there for you. So join me in this hobby and while your waiting on your laundry, or watching TV enter and praise the Lord for all the blessings you start to receive for your family :) 

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